EcoFoodchem Pvt.Ltd

Koskubura Road ,
Gonawala, Kelaniya
Sri Lanka.
Phone : 0094778290089

EcoFoodchem Company profile.


EcoFoodChem pvt ltd comes to you with the more than 10 years of experiences in the food & beverages manufacturing field. With the experiences in the industry, we have faced the same issues that these industries face day by day and now we serve you the solutions and make your way much easier. That’s why we always try to provide you the best quality products with all the quality standards you seek.

We have our own laboratories in our factories (Microbiological, Chemical & industrial laboratories) and we have realized the most common problems you face day by day. So our EFC Laboratory service will guide you to resolve these matters and serve you a best service experience with your requirements.

Who we are.

We have our own food & beverages manufacturing factories in Sri Lanka and we have been exporting our products to many European countries, to famous international supermarkets chains. So EcoFoodChem is not just a trading business, but a part of a reputed, sustainable business network.

Our specialty:

What the most of the companies in the field do is, just import and distributes them to the customers. But we

Are the experienced professionals

Not just import & distribute, but we provide what you seek.

Have solutions for the common issues you face

Provide you the best service in the field

Introduce you the new technology to ensure your success

Our Mission:

We serve the quality you seek.


To be the best and only solution in the field.